The Garden

The Garden

The garden of La Sorcina Natural Bed & Breakfast is an open green space of about 5000 square metres.
This vast and beautifully landscaped garden is surrounded by plants and flowers, including oak trees, fir trees, pine trees, roses, oleanders, dahlias, and succulents.
In the garden you may also have breakfast with a view of the sea, sunbathe on the deck chairs, spend time with your family, and enjoy outdoor activities, or even just walk the dog.
A calm and relaxing environment, the ideal retreat to get re-invigorated and relax, perfect for escaping the hectic pace of work life.
Located on the border between Romagna and Marche regions, our House offers inspiring and unobstructed views over the surrounding countryside.
The garden is a celebrated feature of our bed and breakfast, as it offers privacy and cosiness, allowing you to socialise. The Wi-Fi signal is also available in the vicinities of the building.
This space also includes a large enclosed parking area within the property.

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Natural Bed&Breakfast
47835 Saludecio (RN)
Via Sorcina, 59/B
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