The Surroundings

The Surroundings

La Sorcina is located in Saludecio, a small historical village on the border with the Marche region, where one of the main attractions is the local Saint, the first in the Rimini province, who was canonised on 23 November 2014.

The entire surrounding area is full of events throughout the entire year:

  • Possibility to visit a number of medieval castles, the most evocative being those of Gradara, Montefiore, Verucchio and San Leo.
  • Sporting events such as the MotoGP, the San Marino Rally, and the horsing events of Riviera Horses.
  • Churches and sanctuaries spread throughout the territories from Rimini to Pesaro, and all the inland areas.
  • Cultural festivals and wine and food events, from March to November.
  • Exhibitions and cultural events organised by all nearby municipalities.
  • Possibility to enjoy hikes, tours on bicycle or mountain bike, and Nordic walking.

The sea, the beach and the amusement parks in Cattolica, Misano Adriatico and Riccione are just 10 minutes away by car: simply follow a road that connects all these resorts allowing you to avoid inhabited areas and traffic lights.

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